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Festival Fashion Advice From The Queen Of Costumes

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"Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends,” says iconic fashion designer Kate Spade. This is especially true in the festival world where fashion is one of the pillars of self-expression. The outrageous, sparkly, furry, flowy, funky, vivid, racy, leathery, feathery, lacey, shiny attire donned by FestivalGoers is as crucial to the event's aesthetics as the art installations.

In all of my travels, I have come across one particularly magical being — festival fashion connoisseur Elise Hicks AKA @TreasureKitty. Her personal festival fashion line, Alter Ego Swimwear, showcases versatile and interchangeable bodysuits that allow you to express your multifaceted personality. Elise has agreed to share her secrets for creating epic costumes and outfits with our FestEvo readers.

By Elise Hicks

Festivals are your chance to be whomever you want to be. The more you dress up, the more you raise the vibe of the festival for you and everyone else. When your look is on point, people will tell you and by the end of the festival, you will have received hundreds of compliments that will boost your confidence as you head back into the real world. While there are plenty of places to buy costumes that match your style, I prefer to create my own one-of-a-kind looks. The process of finding items and upcycling them makes me even more excited to go to the festival. There is something magical about imagining an outfit and bringing it to life.

Altering Current Garments Into Something Unique
The first thing I do when creating a costume is go to a thrift store and find a garment that I would like to transform. When I look at a garment, I see past its present state and imagine what it could be. What could make it ME? Remember that there is no wrong. Your costume is your costume. As long as you feel awesome in it, you are.

Rocking a wig can make you look and feel like a rock star. If you have never worn one to a festival, you need to try it. You might even bring out a new persona that has been inside you waiting to party.

Accessories are a great way to stand out from the masses of other awesome people. Here are some of my favorites: tiny hands, glasses without lenses, headbands, puppets, and shoulder pads.

Thinking of a theme is a great way to make a killer outfit. Keep this theme in mind as you dress yourself from head to toe. You can find inspiration from Pinterest images, looks, and costumes. Go the extra mile and dress your entire festival family up in the same theme.
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