/ Dealing With Festival FOMO

Dealing With FOMO

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According to Urban Dictionary,

"Fear of Missing Out". The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.

Even though he was exhausted, John's fomo got the best of him and he went to the party.

FOMO is real. It is a feeling you get in your gut when all of your friends are doing something that you are not. FOMO makes you feel forgotten because, for example, the event is happening even though you are not a part of it. As with every other topic in this book there is a right and a wrong way to deal with it. Follow these tips to turn that FOMO into something positive.

-Make your FOMO any else’s problem. Trying to get people to feel sorry for you is not a good look.
-Sit there on social media waiting for updates and feeling sorry for yourself.

-Accept that everything happens the way it is supposed to. You were not meant to go to this one.
-Turn the negative into a positive and do something that will positively impact your life. Read a book, workout, or knock out tasks you’ve been neglecting like cleaning.
-Assess what factors influenced you to miss the event and address them so you don’t miss out next time.

  • Low on funds? Pick up a side gig.
  • Can’t get time off work? Find a job that fits your lifestyle.
  • Too busy with projects? Accept that you are choosing the projects over the party and be ok with it.

Live Stream Party
If the festival offers a live stream of the event or music shows, invite other friends who stayed home come over for a viewing party. These events are awesome because you still get to watch the shows and connect with your friends but it didn’t cost you anything.

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