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FestivalGoer's Finally Have Their Own Gear Company

Any veteran FestivalGoer knows that there is specific gear needed to ensure the best possible festival experience for you and your camp-mates. Unfortunately, no one company has catered to these specific needs so we must often use a combination of various camping equipments and homemade items — until now.

FestEvo offers education, technology, and gear that facilitates the ultimate festival experience for both the professional and novice FestivalGoer. Coming into the 2018 season, FestEvo will be releasing 10 essential festival items specifically designed to help you contribute to the festival vibe as well as stay charged and comfortable.

Tent Shield: FestivalGoers are nocturnal so keeping a cool tent is critical to getting enough rest. The FestEvo Tent Shield is a heavy-duty reflective tarp that bounces the sun's rays off of your tent so you can sleep when you want to. Tent-Shield

Tent Bling: Finding your tent in a sea of tents that all look the same can be a challenge, especially after you have had a few. FestEvo Tent Bling is a solar charged net of led lights that has eight different twinkle settings so you can find your tent and add to the vibe of the festival around you.Tent-Bling

Pocket Blanket: Sitting in the dirt in between sets is not everyone’s idea of fun. Carrying your FestEvo Pocket Blanket is your solution to always having somewhere to sit. Simply pull it out and you will be able to have space for two to lay down or four to sit. Then just fold it back up when you’re ready to dance. FestEvo-Pocket-Blanket-Out


16 Watt Solar Charger: Having power at your campsite is an absolute GAME CHANGER. The FestEvo 16 Watt Solar Charger can power two USB devices so you can have a charged phone and battery pack before you leave camp for the day. 16-watt-solar

Battery Pro Pack: Every FestPro knows that having a battery pack is a great way to keep your phone charged. The FestEvo Battery Pro Pack goes a step further in having built in Lightning and Micro USB Cables so you always have the ability to charge your devices with you. The 10k MAH packs enough power to charge an iPhone 7 two and a half times. FestEvo-Battry-pack

Travel Shammy: Having a towel is a must for every FestivalGoer but it takes up a lot of space and is the easiest to forget. The FestEvo Travel Shammy is a perfect addition to your festival kit and compacts way down so you have room for all of your other items. shammy-1

Rechargeable Arm Bands: Everyone knows we need to get away from glow sticks but there has never really been an environmentally friendly alternative. Enter the FestEvo Rechargeable Arm Band which lasts for 6 hours on one charge and can be charged via USB. LED-Armband-Dark-1

[Travel Cutlery:] 30 million people attend festivals annually in North America which means the amount of one-time use trash generated is an environmental nightmare. The FestEvo Travel Cutlery is made from high quality bamboo and comes in an easy to carry travel kit so you can do your part in making festivals cleaner. FestEvo-Cuttlery-Set--1-

*LED Fanny Pack:* Function meets fashion with the FestEvo LED Rechargeable Fanny Pack. Featuring four different colors the pack will hold your valuables for hands free partying and help you stand out at night. FestEvo-Fanny-Pack

Visit FestEvo.com to explore all of the FestEvo Gear as well as over 40 FestEvo Preferred Vendors who provide FestEvo Members with discounts on their epic products.