/ Is it a Ground Score or is it Stealing?

Ground Score vs Stealing

Photo Credit: Miles Najera

There is a term that a large majority of FestivalGoers use incorrectly. The term is “Ground Score,” and many believe its meaning is anything you find on the ground. This is only half right. The full definition is as follows:

Ground Score: (Noun) Something you find on the ground at a festival that the lost and found would never be able to return to its owner.
Example: Money, illegal drugs.

There is another word for anything else that is found:

Stealing: (Verb) The act of finding something at a festival that could be returned to its owner by the lost and found, but keeping it instead.
There is nothing worse than losing something at a festival and checking the lost and found over and over hoping it’s going to show up. Don’t put someone through this. If you find something that could have an owner, take it to the lost and found. It’s the right thing to do, and you’ll be rewarded with tons of festival karma.

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