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Help Your Friends Succeed In The Music Industry

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If you are not a musician but want to be involved in the industry, try to help your friends make their dreams a reality. Making it in the music industry takes more than making awesome music. The cards are stacked against anyone who tries. If you have a friend who is trying to make it that you believe in, you should help them. If you do and they make it, you will be on their guest list for life. To help you help your friend, I brought in Stacy Wiseman, who majored in Music Business in college and has spent the last eight years working in the industry.

Photo Credit: Live Edits Lab

By Stacy Wiseman

The music industry is constantly changing and evolving. Getting into it takes talent, persistence, and hard work. Helping your friend from the beginning will not only keep them on track, but it will be help them feel like they are really trying to make it happen. Follow these steps and you will become a valuable member of their team.

Encourage them. Your friend will need support every step of the way in furthering their career.

Create a game plan:
-What is their vision? What is their brand? Look at what has worked for other artists and come up with your own brand based around their sound.
-What type of audience do they want to reach?
-List goals you all want to accomplish. Give these goals time limits...could be two weeks, a month, five years.

Get professional: Create a logo and social networks that match the brand.

Start networking and build a following. Go to shows and start connecting with other people. Don’t be afraid to go up to people you don’t know! Music is all about connecting. Pass out music to potential fans and promoters.

Follow up: One of the most IMPORTANT factors on succeeding...Follow Up. I hear this all the time—you have a great conversation with someone who can help you with the next step, but you never hit them up. If you make a connection, follow up on it!

Blow up their social media: The first thing promoters do when they are interested in an artist is to Google them. They want to learn the story of what inspired them to create their sound. They want to see if anyone cares. The biggest thing you can do as a friend is to share all of their social sites and get other people to do the same.
Once they start booking shows, it is your time to shine. Build events around the show. Don’t just send an event invitation out. Throw a party before their show and then move everyone to go to the show. When promoters know that your friend brings a crowd, their musical career is in position to take off.

Help your friend find management: Management companies are the best way to take their career to the next level. That is their job, and they have the connections to make it possible.

Or instead of finding someone, you can learn how to be a manager or agent. Find someone working in the industry to mentor you. This is how I got my start.

So go out there and take over the world! A thought can be a thought, but once it’s expressed that’s when the true beauty of creativity takes over.

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