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Keeping Your Tent Cool

Your ability to keep your tent cool will be the difference between you getting sleep when you want to and waking up in a pool of sweat hours earlier than you want to wake up. If you can’t sleep during the day, you will be an absolute wreck by the last day of the festival and you will struggle to enjoy it. Follow these steps and keep your tent cool.

Minimize Exposure: Point the wide point of your tent to the North so that the thin part of your tent is exposed to the East, where the sun comes up.

Create Airflow: Take off your rain tarp if it’s not going to rain, and bring a battery-powered fan to keep air circulating through the tent.

Mist: Bring a misting spray bottle and spray the inside of your tent. When the air from the fan runs by it, the temperature in the tent cools down.

Tent Shield: FestEvo has created a reflective tarp that can easily be placed over your tent to keep the heat out. Tent Shields have zippers on the outside so multiple shields can be attached together to cover a larger area.

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