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Leave No Trace+1


The Motto That Ended The Festival Trash Epidemic

As a FestivalGoer, you often hear the phrase ‘Leave No Trace’. This saying is used by festivals to remind their attendees they need to pick up after themselves and to exit the grounds as if they’d made absolutely no impact during their stay. The problem with this motto is you will never get 100% of anyone to do anything. In this case, it means most people who follow this rule will pick up after themselves while the remaining people leave their traces anywhere and everywhere, ruining the experience for the whole.

It’s time we, as the much larger majority who love “festivaling” the right way, make up for the small minority making our festivals dirty. We need to switch to a new motto ‘Leave No Trace+1.’ This implies you pick up after yourself (as you normally would) and one other person who may not be. Over the course of the day it means picking up about five pieces of trash, which takes very little work. Leave No Trace+1 can end the music festival trash epidemic easily if 51% of the crowd participates.

Five Ways To Put Leave No Trace+1 Into Practice:
• If you are going to throw a piece of trash away, collect any extra trash you pass on your way.
• If you eat at a table, clear it of any trash that others left behind.
• If you step on a piece of trash, just pick it up and throw it away.
• Any time you are leaving a stage, grab some trash on your way out to throw away.
• Implement the “you kick it you pick it” strategy and spread it to your friends as well.
- Share your support by rocking a sticker, pin, or lawn sign so the people around are reminded to do their part.

Each time you pick up a piece of trash, others will see you do it and be reminded that we all make a difference. You will personally be making the festival cleaner and inspiring others to do the same.

Imagine if we got 51% of the world to participate in Leave No Trace+1. If 51% of the world picked up a few pieces of trash each day, our world would be cleaner than we ever thought possible! Take this motto into the real world with you.

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