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Packing Your Car For A Festival

Packing Your Car

If you have ever played Tetris, then you are on your way to having the skills you need to be able to efficiently pack your car for a music festival. Follow these steps and you will become a master car packer.

Go Pro: Understanding the constraints on the amount of space your vehicle has is the first step in deciding what you will have room for. Maximize your space by adding a roof rack, a roof cargo box, or a hitch cargo carrier to your vehicle.

Separate Your Gear: Once you have determined how much space you have, you need to determine what gear you have that is rigid and what gear is soft and can slot into gaps.

Go Hard: Tetris your hard items into position first. Then fill the gaps with the soft items like blankets, pillows, and towels.

Pack Safe: Be conscious of the driver’s need to see all of the mirrors and be sure that everyone has access to their seatbelts.

Double check: Once the car is packed, double check to ensure anything tethered to the vehicle is safe for the long haul.

Not everyone has a giant vehicle but there are ways to add more room to any car or truck. You should know how to properly tie down items for yours and others safety. These are some items that will help you fit all the things!

Rooftop Cargo Carrier - We created a list of soft, waterproof cargo bags for the roof of your car.

Cargo Carrier - This list is for carriers that attched to the back of the vehicle with a hitch. It works on cars as well as trucks.

Truck Bed Extender - Also known as a tailgate extender for pickup trucks. Add another foot or so to the end of your truck.

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