/ Pay It Forward At Your Next Festival

Pay It Forward

Photo Credit: Xavier Walker Photography

Being inside the venue surrounded by people is your opportunity to do the little things to help make other people’s day. The more you Pay It Forward, the more you’ll find yourself surrounded by good vibes and good times.

Here are 10 ways you can Pay It Forward:

Bring extras: Whether it’s gum, earplugs, sunscreen, or even cigarettes, giving something away to someone you don’t know is always received well.

Sunglass Cleaning: Festivals have a way of making sunglasses incredibly dirty. Bring a little bottle of sunglass cleaner and a small towel, and offer to clean other’s glasses so they can clearly see how awesome their life is. They will be amazed at how much you helped them.

Buy An Extra: Headed to a vendor for a meal or a drink? Buy an extra and hand it to the first person you see. This random act of kindness will make someone’s day and often leads to making a new friend.

Festival Photographer: Help someone struggling to take a selfie by taking an awesome photo for them.

Dress Them Up: Are you rocking Flash Tattoos or Face Paint? Make someone else’s day by taking the time to make them all pretty as well. This small act of kindness can make someone’s entire weekend better, since they’ll continue to get compliments all weekend long.

Adopt A Porta-Potty: By taking the time to decorate one Porta-Potty, you will immediately improve the experience of hundreds (maybe even thousands) of your fellow FestivalGoers.

Polaroid: Bring a Polaroid camera to the festival and take pictures of your fellow FestivalGoers that they can take home with them.

Leave No Trace+5: Pick up trash. The more you pick up, the cleaner the venue stays for everyone. I know we have gone over this a lot, but this is the easiest way for you to make the festival better.

Make Extra: Are you making a meal at your campsite? Make extra and bring it to neighbors or passersby. You’ll improve the experience for everyone you feed.

Compliments: Do you see someone who is killing it with how they are dressed or how hard they are dancing? Let them know! The more people tell each other they are awesome, the more people believe it, which will help them long after the festival is over.

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