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Power At Your Campsite

Photo Credit: Connor Lee Coughenour Photography

You’ve Got The Power

Bringing power to your camp will completely alter your camping experience. The more power you have, the more lit up and music-filled your camping experience will be.

The best way to bring power to your camp is to buy a giant battery for your campsite. The name of these batteries ranges from Power Pack to Power Station or Solar Generator, but the idea is the same. This battery will give you enough power to power lights, charge phones, and keep your music bumping at a rate that is reasonable to the neighbors. Talk to your campmates and look into investing in a Power Pack that you will all benefit from for years to come.

The less environmentally-conscious way to bring power to your camp is to purchase a Power Inverter that will plug into your car’s cigarette plug and convert the power into a standard 12V plug. Make sure to have the car on five minutes every half hour to make sure the battery stays fresh.

Personal Power
At a bare minimum, YOU need to roll to the festival with some sort of power for your tent. Having your own personal power will take away the stress of trying to find places to charge your phone or other batteries. Here are a couple options you have to power your weekend.
High Capacity Power Bank: Get a high capacity external battery that should hold enough charge to get your phone through the entire weekend. Your phone will require up to two full charges a day at festivals, so make sure to get an external battery that’s at least 10,000 mAH.
Pocket Power Bank: Get a smaller power bank to carry around the festival with you. These smaller models normally have about 4,000 mAH and can charge your phone one time.
Reusable Batteries: Make the one-time investment of getting yourself a solid pack of rechargeable batteries. They are only about twice the price of one-time-use batteries and will pay for themselves immediately after you charge them. You’ll also be doing your part to protect the environment.

Go Solar
Having power at your campsite is only going to take you so far. Keep your batteries charged and your camp rocking by adding a solar panel to your camp. These fold up solar panels are great for festivaling as well as in your everyday life. FestEvo’s 16 Watt Portable Solar Panel is plenty to keep your personal power bank and cell phone charged for the weekend. Consider purchasing a larger 100 Watt system with your camp to charge your camp’s power station.

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