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The 10 Principles Of Festivals

Festivals exist as a way for humans to escape from the default world and join a community where weird is the norm and people can freely express themselves. Full of disorder, distractions, turmoil, ignorance, and narcissism, there are many elements of modern society that are left behind when entering the sacred festival space. Inspired by “The 10 Principles of Burning Man,” FestEvo has established an updated code of conduct that can be implemented across all festivals for our community’s collective benefit.

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To create these principles, I’ve brought in Joseph Pred who led the Emergency Services at Burning Man for 17 years and originally introduced the Burning Man organization to the concept of core values, which played a major role in inspiring Larry Harvey to write his famous 10 principles.

I also enlisted the help of Britz Robins. — AKA “Rave Mom” — who was Shambhala Music Festival’s first full-time, non-family employee and has spent the last 10 years building their community. Between the three of us, we’ve got hundreds of festivals under our belts and developed those experiences into “The 10 Principles of Festivals.”

1. LeaveNoTrace+1: Pick up after yourself and one other person throughout each festival day. If 50% of the crowd does this, the venue will be spotless. It’s easy to start by picking up the first five pieces of trash you see and encourage your friends to do the same.

2. Be Prepared: Know the weather and be prepared for any situation the festival is going to throw at you. The better prepared you are, the more fun you will have.

3. Pay It Forward: Go out of your way to make one person's festival better every day!

4. Be Green: Do everything in your power to limit the amount of waste you create and properly dispose of the rest, including cigarette butts.

5. Respect Others’ Music-Viewing Experience: Remember that the people around you might be watching their favorite artist for the very first time. Be mindful and don’t block their view with low hanging signs, phones, or extended shoulder rides.

6. Positively Represent Our Community: By participating in a festival event, you become an ambassador of that festival community to anyone you interact with — on and off the grounds. Positively represent your community by following these principles and going out of your way to improve the vibes around you. Be a good neighbor to the locals!

7. Watch Over Your Circle Of Vibes: Everyone around you at a festival is your family. Actively watch out for everyone’s safety and be on the lookout for anyone that might be taking advantage of the people in your circle of vibes.

8. Educate First-Timers: The more welcoming, inclusive, and willing to teach the first-timers our community becomes, the better it is for us all. No need to condescend or patronize — kindly-worded tips, how-tos, and festival hacks are all ways to educate in a positive manner.

9. Navigate: Be conscious of the routes you are taking. Walk with a purpose, give the right of way to others to keep the crowd moving smoothly, and don’t blind people with your headlamp. Also, KEEP TO THE RIGHT!

10. Project Positivity: Every smile, high five, hug and silly dance move improves the festival. The combined positivity of the crowd is what makes festivals so special.

Put these principles into action and you will be a contributing member of the festival community. Check out The FestivalGoer's Guide to learn all of the tips and hacks FestPros use to achieve their ultimate festival success.