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Traveling By Plane To A Camping Festival

Photo Credit: Joffrey Photo

Traveling to a camping festival by plane is particularly difficult, because it’s hard to get all of your gear there. There are plenty of ways to maximize your gear.

Get a giant duffle bag. The bag can weigh up to 50 pounds before you have to pay an extra weight fee.

Find FestivalGoers that live in the area to rent you a tent/cooler/sleeping bag/air mattress.

Become a backpacker: Get all of your clothes, tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad into one oversize backpack. If you can make this happen, you can festival anywhere.

Look for fellow FestivalGoers: Instead of paying for a cab, make sure to look for your fellow FestivalGoers and ask if they would like to share with you or if you can join them in their ride.

Have products you need for the festival sent to someone who lives in the city you will be flying into so you only have to carry it back.

Make sure to bring your eye mask and earplugs to help you sleep on the plane.

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