/ Ways To Be Green At A Music Festival

Ways To Be Green

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It’s imperative that our community does everything we can to minimize the effect these festivals have on our environment. Thankfully, our community can change the entire festival trash epidemic because of one simple equation.

Lots of people + A little change = Big results.

#LeaveNoTracePlus1: The Motto That Ended The Festival Trash Epidemic

There are not many worldwide problems that are completely solvable by the simple integration of a motto. If we get 51% of the worldwide festival community to participate in Leave No Trace +1, we can completely end festival trash. The only way this is going to work is if people adopt this attitude and practice. If you are reading this book, then you are taking initiative in learning everything you can to have the best time at a festival. Go the extra mile and lead the #LeaveNoTracePlus1 charge at your festival. It starts with you and your circle of vibes.

Don’t Bring Trash To The Festival
Before you pack for the festival, look at the gear you are going to bring and remove any of the packaging that is with it. This packaging normally consists of air mattress boxes, pop-up tent boxes, and food packaging. Throw this trash away at home and you will be helping reduce the amount of trash at the festival.

Follow these steps to do your part in being green.
-Use a reusable water bottle, always.
-Carry a reusable cup and utensils with you.
-Car pool.
-Start trash and recycling bins at camp.
-Bring gallon jugs of water instead of individual bottles of water.
-Use reusable plates and silverware.
-Dispose of your waste in the proper bins.
-Don’t use glow sticks.

What’s Right About Glow Sticks:
The nice thing about glow sticks is they let FestivalGoers see each other at night. This is very important since every FestivalGoer needs to add lights at night so we can easily navigate around each other.

What’s wrong with Glow Sticks:
This is a hot topic. I can already feel the festival trolls sharpening their pitchforks. Before you berate me, think about what glow sticks really are. They are a piece of plastic that lights up for 6-8 hours and is then useless forever. They become trash.

Problem in Numbers:
According to Billboard.com, over 32,000,000 people went to festivals in North America in 2014. If one out of ten of them bought a standard size pack (20 pieces) of glow sticks for each day of the weekend (average three days), that would mean that 192,000,000 glow sticks are now sitting in dumpsters waiting to NEVER disintegrate. That’s just from 2014. Think about how many are there from 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010…you get the picture. Glow sticks are awful for the environment. Thankfully, there are lots of awesome alternatives.

The FestivalGoer Glow
Being visible to the people around you at a festival is very important so we can all see each other. There are many glow stick alternatives that will give you the perfect glow that is bright enough so everyone can see you while not being too bright.

Glow Stick Alternatives:
•LED Visibility Band: LED visibility bands were originally designed for runners, but they are perfect for FestivalGoers. Simply slip it on your wrist, arm, ankle or knee, and then scroll through the colors (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white) until you find the perfect one. Bands last up to 24 hours, and then you replace the battery.
• Battery-Powered String Lights: Also known as Christmas lights, fairy lights, or rope lights, they make a perfect addition to any outfit.

Learn how to become a contributing member of the festival community by reading The FestivalGoer's Guide and have your best festival every time you go.